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When you join WFAC, we offer more than just a job. As a dedicated employee your hard work will be rewarded with opportunities for career progression within the company, and this was one of the key take outs from our Investors In People report, for which we received a Gold standard. Read our staff journey’s to learn how some of our staff have developed during their time here.

Nick Dennies IT Developer

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Nick

“My Role here involves writing software for the call centre floor, although my duties often vary depending on the demands of the business. I have worked here for nine years and began as an Applications Agent.

“I then progressed to the Admin Department where I often found myself fixing the various IT problems within the department. My proactive approach was acknowledged by management and soon I was working in the IT support team which then led me to my current role where I manage the development team.

“I am very fortunate to work for a company like WFAC, what started as an interest in IT while fulfilling another role has turned into a career that I enjoy with many rewarding opportunities.”

James Jose Offers Team Manager

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys James

“I am just about to reach my 11th year at the company. My role here includes running a department of 25 agents while managing customer offers and pay-outs via various different creditors.

“In my time here I have been fortunate enough to work within many parts of the business, beginning as a Sales Agent and progressing through to the completions department where I was then offered my current role as Completions Manager.

“Working in my current role provides me with great job satisfaction; it’s a great opportunity to hear the positive feedback from customers on the service we provide and that is an element of my role that I find extremely rewarding.”

Robyn Coppell Project Team

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Robyn

“I have worked at WFAC for just over four years. Initially I started on the phone as a sales agent, and following this I worked in the quality department for about 4 months.

“I now work as part of the Project Team and my role involves interacting with all departments and senior managers within the company. A large part of this role involves reporting and statistical analysis and ensuring changes requested by senior management are implemented as well as creating and maintaining the training materials used to train both new and experienced employees.

“Being so involved in creating the training materials and working closely with the training team has allowed me to see first-hand how much we as a company invest in training our employees, and the quality of the training we provide.”

Shahid Saeed Completions Officer

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Shahid

“I’ve now worked here for more than eight years and during my time at the company have met loads of great people and built relationships with staff across the business.

“Working as a Completions Officer means that I get the chance to help customers on a daily basis, and is just one of the things I love about my job.

“The company has not only offered me job security but also a stable career and I find that the friendly atmosphere and working environment make the company a great place to work.”

Craig Francis Senior Trainer

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Craig

“There’s a great working environment here at We Fight Any Claim and during my time here I’ve been able to build excellent relationships with the people I work with, including managers and colleagues.

“Since joining the business three years ago I’ve found that the opportunities offered to staff are countless and certainly makes We Fight Any Claim stand out as an employer.

“My hard work within the company has been rewarded with rapid progression and I’m now proud to be working in my current role as senior trainer.”

Holly Griffiths Recruitment Team Manager

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Holly

“I have worked here 12 years in total and can honestly say the company is like a second family to me. Having started when I was 16 as an Application Agent, I have grown with the business both professionally and personally and I am now the Recruitment Team Manager here.

“A large part of my role as Recruitment Team Manager is to oversee the recruitment officers’ workload which includes conducting group, individual and telephone interviews along with completing reports and attending job fairs.

“The warm and friendly atmosphere has allowed me to build and shape my career into what it is today, a rewarding job that I enjoy, allowing me to meet new people and help them to also discover how wonderful it is to work here!”

Carla Galamas Recruitment Officer

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Carla

“In my career at We Fight Any Claim, I have spent time in both the Admin department and the outbound team. In November 2014, I moved into my current role of recruitment officer and am really enjoying the fast paced, people focussed environment.

“For many young people these days, finding a full time job can be incredibly challenging. As an employer, We Fight Any Claim offers opportunities for staff to progress within the business and helps employees to work towards their own personal development and a sustainable future career.

“Starting a new job can of course be daunting, but I’ve found that the training offered here is incredibly informative and provides new starters with an understanding of the business, as well as the confidence and tools needed to succeed in their new job role.”

Richard Thomas Senior Project Manager

Life At We Fight Any Claim Staff Journeys Richard

“I have been here for over seven years, and I originally came here to work on the ‘phones' for a year to save money for university.

“I decided after about a year that university wasn't for me so I returned here and after a short while some junior managerial positions became available and I got the promotion.

“Since then I have risen from a Transfer Manager to Senior Project Manager, via roles that have included me running the full call centre floor. I have now moved into project management and spend much of my time working with senior members of the business."