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We Fight Any Claim Charity Blog Lilly-May Milestone

We're pleased to confirm that the festive spirit has well and truly arrived here at We Fight Any Claim. The halls have been decked and carols are being played throughout the office. 

Secret Santas have been drawn and everyone is counting down the days until we can hang up our badges and spend some quality time with our families. But what would happen if we had no families to spend Christmas with? Would we still be filled with holiday cheer? Christmas is meant to be a time for giving, but what if you’re a young parent having to choose between heating your home or buying your child a present? 

Somewhere in between the charities supporting babies and young children, and those raising money for the elderly, is the Torfaen Young Peoples Support Service (TYPSS). TYPSS is a charity that works with a range of vulnerable young people within our local area. Their needs differ depending on their age and circumstances however homelessness, mental health problems, substance abuse and poverty are just some of the issues that these young adults are facing. 

The majority of us live comfortable lives and will soon be starting to see the presents pile up under the tree. Unfortunately, many young adults living in the local area don’t have the money to afford a tree, or the family around them to buy their gifts. The Torfaen Santa Appeal is an initiative run by TYPSS that aims to ensure that each of their service users have something to open on Christmas day. For the 5th year in a row, staff from our outbound sales floor donated their December charity funds towards buying presents for the appeal.

Gift bags waiting to be delivered 

Amy Jones and Nicole Hellon spent an afternoon spending the £1,400 dress down total on a range of presents to fill gift bags. Presents such as toiletries, which are renowned for being the unwanted gifts that people pass on, mean that the money saved from having to buy them can be put towards gas or food. Often the young adults themselves have children but have no money to buy them anything for Christmas, so gifts bags were packed with dolls, sleepsuits and even Pampers baby wipes providing one less thing to worry about for the service users.

Nicole Hellon told us:

“When you hear of some of the circumstances these young adults are facing, and the things they have to go through on a day to day basis, it is really quite upsetting. This is the first year I have been involved and it has been a really emotional process. It was so sad when we were given the list of names and ages for the children; it made it real. There were some babies only a few months old, it was really upsetting to think of their parents struggling and that they would potentially be receiving nothing. It’s such a lovely thing to be a part of.”

Nicole and Amy delivering the gift bags

Jumpers, PJs, smelly sets, baby products and a range of other essential goods were organised and the money our staff have raised means that 175 vulnerable young adults and their children will be opening a gift bag with two presents each for Christmas day. We went over to the TYPSS offices to help deliver the gifts and were met by some of the TYPSS team who were overwhelmed with the generosity of our staff. Lisa Gethin, Assistant Team Manager told us:

“This really makes a massive difference to all of our young people, many of whom will have no other presents to open on Christmas day.”

Penny Thomas, Family Mediation Worker, also added:

“It’s a sad and lonely time of year for many of our service users. They shouldn’t have to go through this at Christmas, when we are all sat at home tucking into our dinners. This really is life changing for them.”

Christmas is a time for giving and receiving and we pray your day is filled with food, family and lots of presents but we hope that you can appreciate the good you have done. Your gift may be the only present that a young person within Torfaen gets to open on Christmas day and for this we want to say well done, and thank you.