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Donating our time as well as money

Like many organisations fundraising for various charities based within our local community, and beyond, is something we are committed to doing on a regular basis.

At We Fight Any Claim we donate to charity each week, the charity is chosen through a nomination process from our staff members. A donation from each staff member who takes part in dress down Friday is then collected and the money goes towards our chosen charity.

Along with supporting charities financially, in 2014 we decided to also offer our time through carrying out ‘Nominated Acts of Kindness’ to those charities in need of a helping hand.

Staff at WFAC have for some time been carrying out Random Acts of Kindness within their spare time, and these acts have included such things as helping elderly neighbours, volunteering with local children’s football teams, fixing a neighbours mobility scooter and helping re-home lost pets within the community.

After being approached by staff members who wanted to encourage more people to take part in similar acts, we decided to create a WFAC Nominated Acts of Kindness Team.

In time over 100 volunteers stepped forward to become part of the project, staff members also recommended various acts of kindness to carry out ranging from a charity car wash to picking up litter within the community.

On hearing of the project, Managing Director Simon Chorlton, made the decision to allow staff members to carry out these acts of kindness with full pay during working hours.

These acts of kindness coincided well with World Kindness Day 2014, therefore for five weeks in October and November 2014, a team of volunteers carried out Acts of Kindness and nominated the next group from the 100 volunteers to carry out their act.

You can follow this project on our blog and see how our Nominated Acts of Kindness team got on.