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We Fight Any Claim staff carry out Nominated Acts of Kindness

During October, our staff have been carrying out Acts of Kindness within the community, and nominating others to do the same.

Staff members Nerys Williams, Kelsey Thomas, Jonathan Seignot, Jamie Duddridge, Elizabeth Hine and Belinda Smith attended local animal sanctuary All Creatures Great and Small in Cwmbran to provide a much needed helping hand. Matt Nicholls, Social Programmes Manager at the sanctuary, arranged for the voluntary team of six to clear the gardens ready for their Halloween event.

We Fight Any Claim staff members carry out their Act of Kindness

WFAC Staff members carry out their Act of Kindness

Staff of We Fight Any Claim have for some time been carrying out Random Acts of Kindness within their spare time, these acts included helping elderly neighbours, lost children in the local town, fixing a neighbours mobility scooter and helping re-home lost pets within the community.

These acts of kindness didn't go unnoticed by WFAC Senior Manager Jason Miguel, who was not only proud of his staff, but also wanted to encourage more staff members to take part in similar acts. With a workforce of over 400, Jason felt that as an organisation We Fight Any Claim could really make a difference within the wider community and beyond, with the hope of inspiring other businesses to also follow suit. 

The Nominated ‘Acts of Kindness’ for the business was not about donating money, which we do every week, but carrying out these acts was about dedicating time and supporting those in need.

The idea of nominating various staff members to carry out these ‘Acts of Kindness’ was then created to spread the good will not only amongst staff members but also the wider community. Jason then approached our Marketing Department to investigate how they could help promote these ‘Acts of Kindness’.

In time over 100 volunteers stepped forward to become part of the project, staff members also recommended various acts of kindness to carry out ranging from a charity car wash to picking up litter within the community. Jason and the Marketing Department have now contacted local charities offering help and support from our team of 100 volunteers. 

A decision by Managing Director Simon Chorlton to allow staff members to carry out these acts of kindness with full pay during working hours was made. Each Friday for the next 5 weeks, staff members will be carrying out Acts of Kindness for various charities and nominating others to do the same.

Simon Evans Head of Communications at We Fight Any Claim added:

“Whilst we continue to raise money for good causes every week, this month we are fundraising for Tenovus in their ‘Buckets for Boobs’ campaign, we were delighted as a company to support our staff in this worthy venture.

“We have seen that many charities and local projects need time and volunteers as wel as money, so we have been in contact to offer our services and we were delighted to help ACGAS, and will be helping Tenovus, St David’s Hospice Care and the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales.

“We hope our small efforts will encourage other businesses across Wales to do similar acts of kindness and to play a small part in working to help the communities in which they are located.”

You can follow the WFAC Nominated Acts of Kindness Team via our social media channels