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Bored of your typical workout routine? Want to try something new? Well we’ve done our research and found three fun new exercise classes in the area to add something a bit different to your fitness regime! 

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As part of our Know Your Numbers Challenge, you might’ve pledged to eat a bit healthier. Eating healthy can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs whilst avoiding fatty, processed foods. Here are some top tips for eating healthy on a budget. Hopefully this will provide you with some motivation as we creep up to the half way point of your challenge! 

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So it’s Monday, and with the greatest will in the world, can you really be bothered going to the gym tonight? Don’t get me wrong, Tuesday is a different story and we will be back in the gym, ready and raring to go. But today all we can think about is getting back on the sofa in time for Corrie. 

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Office life can leave you sedentary for most of the day, and it can be a struggle to fit in those all important steps. Then you get home and there’s cleaning, cooking and kids to tend to, so where do you fit in exercise? 

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