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We Fight Any Claim Chorltons Members Club Know Your Numbers 10 Week Challenge Healthy Eating

As part of our Know Your Numbers Challenge, you might’ve pledged to eat a bit healthier. Eating healthy can be expensive, but there are ways to cut costs whilst avoiding fatty, processed foods. Here are some top tips for eating healthy on a budget. Hopefully this will provide you with some motivation as we creep up to the half way point of your challenge! 

Plan in advance

After a hard day at work, it can feel like a bit of an effort to start cooking something healthy from scratch, and many people tend to go for something easy instead. But it doesn’t have to feel like hard work. Plan the week’s meals in advance so you can’t be lazy and cook something which is unhealthy but more convenient!

Control your portions

Cutting your portion sizes can be a great way to eat healthy, while making the food shop last longer. A good trick is to use smaller plates, so you don’t feel as though you have to serve up so much food. We also think it’s a good idea to measure out foods such as pasta and flour, instead of just guessing how much you’ll need, to keep costs under control. You can buy food scales for as little as £1.50 online.

Shop alone

Review your cupboards from time to time and see what you need. This way, you can write a shopping list and only get what you need – instead of just what you want. If you can, go shopping without the kids once in a while so you don’t end up picking up everything the children see on the shelves too!

Get some help

Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing on taste. There are so many places you can find cheap, healthy recipes your taste buds and body will love!  We love the BBC’s ‘cheap and healthy recipes’ tool. It breaks healthy recipes down by price per serving, so you can compare ingredient prices from different supermarkets. Take its porridge with blueberry compote – a nice healthy dessert. By shopping at Tesco, you can make it at a cost of just 27p per serving, which is much cheaper than its nearest rival Asda, at 67p per serving.

Put in the time

If you’ve plenty of energy and are willing to spend a little extra time cooking, you can really cut costs. Meat is the perfect example. It’s wise to go for cheaper cuts, such as braising steak, shoulder or shin, over prime cuts. These cuts are tougher, so they’ll take more time to prepare, but you can do big batch dishes such as casseroles for freezing – stretching your money further. We recommend slow cooking these cuts to break down their tough fibres gradually, so you can create a delicious, budget-friendly meal!

Get fresh for less

Vegetables are the staple of a healthy diet, but they can cause the food bill to creep up. Look at how your vegetables are sold to cut costs. This matters because prepacked vegetables are often more expensive than when they’re sold loose. Shop for vegetables later in the day - they’re perishable products. Shops mark them down at these times, to sell stock before it goes out of date.

Be a detective  

If you plan ahead and shop smart, it’s easy to eat healthy on a budget. But none of this will matter, if what you think you’re eating is healthy and it isn’t. We can all be fooled, but with a little investigation on food labels you can learn how to create a well-balanced diet for your family!